About Us

All About UsDavid Lewis Ministries is a Christian organization headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. Our mission is to carry on the work started by Dr. David Allen Lewis. To those who may not be familiar with the works or life of this mighty man of God, take some time to read his biography and his books. Dr. Lewis authored over 30 books that covered a wide range of topics, but many of his books featured prophecy and Israel as a central theme.

As an unwavering friend to Israel, Dr Lewis traveled to the Holy Land on more than 60 occassions. He was a close personal friend to Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and met with many other Israeli leaders, mayors, and ambassadors throughout the years.

We continue to publish our paper, ‘The Jerusalem Courier’, a few times a year. It contains articles concerning Israel, The European Union, the USA, and many topics concerning prophecy.

Once a month we have our Springfield Regional Eschatology Club Meeting where we bring in various speakers from around the world to teach and inform people about prophecy being fulfilled in our lifetimes. There is no charge for these meetings, they are a gift from David Lewis Ministries to the community. We do take up a free will offering, all of which we give to our speaker.

Dr. David Lewis left a wonderful legacy and we are doing our best to faithfully carry out that legacy to the glory of God!

One of the areas of ministry that was very dear to the heart of Dr. Lewis was his many trips to Israel. We are planning the next trip to Israel and would love to have you join us! Come and learn Israel - her past, her present, and her future!

David Lewis Ministries is your source of information about Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the End Times. We are your link to actively being involved in works of love and compassion in Israel.